Thursday, 6 October 2011

The following images show the pre-production of my film "the accident". It is an essential aspect of the production of making a film as it helps to guide you through the scenes. As part of this pre-production, i made a storyboard and shotlist.

Bad nose room

Good nose room

Bad head room

Good head room




This sequence from Hitchcock's The Bird is an excellent example of continuity. A range of shots were taken and total of 18 were used. The following shots were used:

1) Establishing Shot (tracking the women)
2) Mid-shot
3) Long shot
4) Low angle, mid-shot
5) Mid-shot
6) Mid-shot
7) Close-up
8) Mid Close-up
9) Mid-shot
10) Medium close-up
11) Close-up
12) Close-up
13) Long Shot
14) Mid-Shot
15) Close-up
16) Medium Close-up
17) Long shot
18) Low angle close-up

What principles of continuity are used here? How successfully?
Continuity was used effectively in this sequence when the lady opens the door of the house; she enters and a mid long shot is used to completed the continuity. Continuity was also used when the lady enters the room where the dead man was laying. A mid shot was used to show the dead man and straight after that a close up of the lady was used to show her facial reactions.

What is the effect of the editing on the viewer? What are we meant to feel at different stages?
The editing effects the viewers by making them feel the emotions that the lady is feeling. Continuity helps this however its mainly about the camera angles and camera shots. One example of this is when the lady sees the dead man on the floot, there is a pov shot showing the dead man and straight after, a close up of the lady's face is taken, helping the audience feel engaged with the film.

What is the 'best bit' for you in this sequence in terms of learning new techniques and why?
For me, I learnt that in certain parts of a film, to have an effect on the viewers, shots of close ups is an important part. Also, continuity is key in allowing the scene to flow otherwise it may look confusing for the viewers.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

the accident final

This short clip of "the accident" was filmed to apply skills i have learnt from previous tasks. The skills i had developed were the different types of shots and mise-en-scene. The mistakes made during the process of this task were not being able to show enough of the facial expressions of the characters to show the characters emotions.

Samirs Animatic

The purpose of this task was to create a animatic of an accident, taking into consideration the genre, iconography and mise-en-scene. I learnt skills such as mise-en-scene and iconography in this task. I would like to have improved on the different types of shots to make the animcatic more interesting.

This close up shot shows the facial expressions of the truck driver.